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My Favorite Gear And Settings For Concert Photography

  I’ve gotten some requests for info on my favorite gear and settings for concert photography, so here we go! Most of my gear is listed over on the “Gear I Love” page, but I wanted to go a little more in-depth in this post. First of all, “It’s not about the gear” is a […]

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My Lenses

I often get asked about the gear that I use – especially which lenses I use for some of the shots that I post on social media. Lenses are one of the biggest investments you will make in your photography. Camera bodies will come and go, but your glass can stay with you for years, […]

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Quick Tips – My Lens Won’t Zoom!

Every so often someone will ask me a question that has a quick and easy answer. I’ll pass these along to you in these “Quick Tip” posts. They’re pretty short and basic, but they may be helpful if you happen to have the same question!   A friend of mine came up to me and […]

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