Quick Tips – My Lens Won’t Zoom!

Every so often someone will ask me a question that has a quick and easy answer. I’ll pass these along to you in these “Quick Tip” posts. They’re pretty short and basic, but they may be helpful if you happen to have the same question!


A friend of mine came up to me and was having a problem getting her lens to zoom – she couldn’t get the zoom ring to turn at all. This was an easy fix – many lenses that physically extend when zooming in have a small lock switch located somewhere on the lens. This lock switch keeps the lens from extending by locking it in place. This prevents “lens creep”, which can happen when you are walking around with your camera and the lens slowly extends without you realizing it. This is pretty common if the camera is hanging on a strap. On my friend’s lens, this switch was in the “lock” position (she was not familiar with this switch) so she was unable to move the zoom ring. If your lens has this switch and you notice it extending while you are walking around, flip it to “lock”. You also need to remember to flip the switch back when you start shooting so you can zoom again. My Tamron 28-75 creeps like crazy whenever I’m walking around with it on a strap, so I’m always using this switch.


As always – feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions!

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