Quick Tips – Thump!

Tamron RepairOk – this one is really short and really obvious, but I’ve been a victim of this oversight so I wanted to address it here.

Three words: Close Your Bag!

Quite simply, when you take your camera out of your bag to shoot remember to zip (or Velcro) your bag shut afterwards. This sounds ridiculously simple and I feel silly writing about it, but I can tell you from experience that it’s really easy to overlook and can lead to some unwanted expense!

I was using a sling bag a couple of years ago during a show. I had taken my camera out of the bag and left the bag in the bass vault (a large rolling case where all of the basses are stored). At some point I reached over to grab the bag so I could get my Tamron 28-75mm lens out, not realizing that I hadn’t zipped the bag closed when I took my camera out. I didn’t see the lens come flying out, but I felt the thump as it hit the floor. If you’ve ever dropped a lens you know the sinking feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when it happens! I grabbed the lens and looked it over quickly. Not seeing any obvious damage I mounted it on my camera and immediately noticed that it felt really rough while zooming in and out. I shot a few frames and the images looked fine, but when I had the time to really check it out I noticed that while shooting at 2.8 the images didn’t seem nearly as sharp as they used to be. Stopping down to 4.0 and above seemed to help, but I was pretty sure something was wrong. I went to my local shop and compared the lens to a brand-new one. The difference was plain to see! I had definitely messed up my lens.

To make a long story short, $250 later the problem was solved.

So remember (and repeat after me): Close Your Bag!

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