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With the importance of social media these days, it’s helpful to have a way to quickly share images online. Of course if you are shooting images with your smartphone, it’s pretty easy. Shoot and upload and you’re done. I do this a lot and it’s the easiest way to get an image online in a short amount of time. I do most of my shooting with my DSLR, though, and there are times when I really want to get an image online without going back to my computer. Luckily, my Canon 6D has built-in WiFi (many newer cameras have this feature now, so check your manual for your particular model). Canon also has a mobile app (EOS Remote) that I have on my iPhone. This allows me to connect my phone to my camera and download images directly to my phone. At that point I can upload them to Facebook, Instagram, or any other site. Before I do this, I usually do some tweaking and for that my go-to app is Snapseed. Snapseed is by NIK (now owned by Google) and they are the company behind some of my favorite Lightroom plugins. They’ve taken some of the functionality of these plugins and put it in a mobile app, and it is great. I’m planning on doing a more in-depth post on Snapseed at some point in the near future.

So to recap, my mobile workflow goes like this:


DSLR – WiFi to iPhone (EOS Remote app) – edit with Snapseed – post to social media.


It may seem a bit involved but I’ve found that I can do the whole process in a minute or two. I often do this when I want to get a photo up on Instagram during a show. I also used this process a couple of weeks ago while shooting a music awards show. One of the guys from the company I was shooting for wanted me to text him some shots during the show, so this was a great way to quickly get him some images.


Of course your method may vary depending on your camera manufacturer. I’m a Canon guy so this is how I do it, but it should be a similar process for any other brand.


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