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There are times when being familiar with the band members’ moves can be really helpful.  Dream Theater’s bassist, John Myung, will regularly toss his hair back while playing. I think he does it to get it out of his face, since, as you can see, it’s pretty long!

This shot was simply a matter of framing and focusing beforehand, and then waiting for the moment. As he leaned back, I fired off about three or four shots (I always have my camera in multi-shot mode). This one was the moment I was looking for. I shot it a bit wide to allow for his movement, and then I cropped it a bit afterwards. As far as processing, I used some moves in Lightroom that I will occasionally do when I want a gritty, punchy look. I basically crank up the Clarity slider to anywhere from 50-90, back off the Vibrance a bit, and apply some noise reduction. I see this kind of look pretty often, so I try not to do it too much. In the right situation it can give an image a really cool look.

Shot with my Canon 6D and Canon 70-200 f4L IS lens.

EXIF Data:

1/500 second, f4, ISO 4000, 97mm






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