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Def Leppard Live DVD

Well, I’m pretty excited to tell you that the new Def Leppard DVD comes out today and the cover image is one that I shot during the tour last year!  I’ve always been a Leppard fan, so having my photo on the cover is a huge honor for me.  I blasted the Pyromania cassette constantly […]

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Yay! Lightroom 6!

Just a quick post today.  Adobe just released Lightroom 6 (or Lightroom CC if you’re a Creative Cloud subscriber) the other day.  It’s got some new features that I’m pretty excited about – one of which is the ability to make panoramas from within Lightroom (this used to require a trip to Photoshop).  I really […]

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My Mobile Workflow

With the importance of social media these days, it’s helpful to have a way to quickly share images online. Of course if you are shooting images with your smartphone, it’s pretty easy. Shoot and upload and you’re done. I do this a lot and it’s the easiest way to get an image online in a […]

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