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Don’t Forget The Gear (Companies)!

  Just a quick post today.  One of my images of John Myung (one that I posted about earlier here) is being used by Ernie Ball/Music Man for some promo materials.  They are a great company that builds some amazing instruments.  Their strings are awesome, too! I’ve been working with them a lot over the […]

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Quick Tips – Thump!

Ok – this one is really short and really obvious, but I’ve been a victim of this oversight so I wanted to address it here. Three words: Close Your Bag! Quite simply, when you take your camera out of your bag to shoot remember to zip (or Velcro) your bag shut afterwards. This sounds ridiculously […]

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Quick Tips – My Lens Won’t Zoom!

Every so often someone will ask me a question that has a quick and easy answer. I’ll pass these along to you in these “Quick Tip” posts. They’re pretty short and basic, but they may be helpful if you happen to have the same question!   A friend of mine came up to me and […]

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