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I’ll be spending this year touring with Tesla again working as Frank Hannon’s guitar tech.  They are a great bunch of people and they are rocking harder than ever!  Frank is a killer guitar player and a super nice guy, so it’s been a really enjoyable gig.  I’ve been with them since the summer of 2015, doing headline shows as well as opening for Def Leppard.
We are currently in the first part of a headlining tour, and the shows have been great.  They have added 3 video screens and some really cool lighting to the show, so the visual aspect is really cool.  As always, in addition to my guitar tech duties (I’m pretty busy during this show) I’m shooting whenever I can.  I usually keep my camera on my workbox so I can grab it and fire off a few frames when I have the opportunity.  I’m also trying to get more behind-the-scenes stuff like soundchecks and backstage shots, since these can offer a little peek into what people don’t usually get to see.
We’ve got a few more weeks of these shows, then a break before we head back out with the mighty Def Leppard again.  I’m really happy that we’re going back out with them – they are great guys and it’s a really fun show to shoot.
As far as gear, I’m still using my trusty old Canon 6D that I’ve had since 2013.  I really like it but I think this year will be the year of the upgrade for me – either a 5Diii or a 5D iv.  We’ll see how the checkbook is looking 🙂  I’m also really enjoying shooting with my iPhone 7.  I’m using Adobe Lightroom Mobile and I’ve been really happy with how the images have been turning out.

Here are a few shots from this first week of the tour.  If there is anything you’d like to see feel free to contact me over on the contact page.  I’d love to hear from you!


The Tesla stage.  Shot with my iPhone 7.


Tesla guitarist Dave Rude with his Voodoo-modified Marshall amp.

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